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Early varieties are usually with compromise taste.
Full taste varieties are always mid late and late. The tastiest from Soviet/Russian watermelon varieties is Kholodok.
It is the king of farmer markets here in the late September-October. They come from the South of Russia (Astrakhan, Volgograd and Kuban regions).

A good keeper with a great skin color and a very sweet pinky-red flesh.
Like it very much and always waiting for autumn time because of Kholodok.

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Andrey, they all are so good looking. Which ones are the tastiest and the most productive? I too live in a cool climate.
1 kg=2.2 lb , 1 m=39,37 in , 1 oz=28.35 g , 1 ft=30.48 cm , 1 lb= 0,4536 kg , 1 in=2.54 cm , 1 l = 0.26 gallon , 0 C=32 F

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