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Default What size/varieties do you grow in an *EarthBox?"

I'm growing more and more of my plants in containers -- mostly EarthBoxes. I find that most determinates and all dwarfs work great in an EB. even some smaller IND varieties. But I have not grown big cherry tomato plants that way, yet. I don't use an auto watering system, so that means I have to go out every morning and fill the reservoirs. But still, I'd like to get all of my plants in EB's, starting maybe next year or the year after.

If you have grown big cherry plants this way, how has it worked out for you? One plant or two? Do you have to really prune them to keep them under control? Sweet Baby Girl would probably be a good candidate since it is a reduced size IND plant. But no longer in production, I've read. Esterina is a really good variety that we love, but it gets really big. Sunchocola? Maybe Maglia Rosa (but it is determinate/semi.). Maybe you know of some others?


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