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Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
I only prune by pinching off the suckers that are below the first flower truss, and a leaf here and there for better airflow.
I only water once every 3 days, or at the most, every other. You have a 3 gallon water reservoir in the base. I added water every day the first year, and they were more watery tasting. Don't forget, I grow when the daily high is 70s to low 80s. We cannot grow in the summer here.
I would say learn how often you need to water, by watching for the first sign of wilting. Tomatoes will easily bounce back from a slight wilt done once.
Thanks for the watering tip; I didn't know that. I've been watering daily all this time. Days like today (wind/rain) I won't water at all but starting next season I will go every other day. Even if the reservoir is dry, the mix will still be moist like a container.

I also grow any size tomatoes in the EB's. Staking was always my biggest problem; never the plant size. Late this spring I started adding extenders to the EB with younger/smaller plants.
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