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About ten years ago; my wife was bitten by an unknown 'something' while apple picking in western North Carolina. Over the next ten days, she treated it with the usual insect bite remedies. Nothing seem to fact, the bite area got redder, and red lines/streaks started to radiate down her arm. On a trip to Florida, we went to one of the numerous 'open market/bazaars' in the Daytona Beach area. There was a herbalist set up there, which caught her attention. She asked if he had anything for insect bites, and showed him her arm. He announced 'nasty spider bite', turned to his display and selected a bottle labeled 'BITES', which we purchased. He said it would be gone in two days. He was right. We had plenty left after the spider bite healed, so we tried it as a repellent here in New Hampshire (mosquito/black fly capitol of America). Nothing would touch us...even as people around us were being eaten alive. Eventually, we ran out. All I can remember it that it contained garlic, cayenne, and 'something else' in a thick amber carrying oil. The stuff was amazing...almost worth the trip to Florida to visit that herbalist once again
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