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Default Cambodian Green Giant Eggplant

I usually grow Millionaire eggplant in a big bucket next to my containerized tomatoes and it does well. One plant is usually enough to prevent 'eggplant overload'. But last year I decided on trying Cambodian Green Giant as well, just as a toy. One plant. It's a good thing.

It was planted in the ground down near the potato bed and although it's a slow grower, that thing really is huge! The plant ended up about 5' in diameter before it was all over. There's an eggplant peeking out from under the leaves at the bottom of the pic.

The fruits themselves were also huge and it made a lot of them. So mucgh for avoiding eggplant overload!. This was the largest one and weighed 2 lb 3 oz.

I did discover though that each of those vertical lobes contains a large, long seed cavities in them. Each is about 1/2" wide and packed with seeds top to bottom so it's best to slice this thing horizontally where the seeds appear in penny-sized spots around the center rather than long streaks that require scraping out.

The flavor is good and it's really solid, making for good grilling. And it freezes well for later casseroles.

If anyone decides to play with this one, be sure to give it plenty of elbow room! And yes, I will "play" with another one this year. Friends liked getting the excess.
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