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I was thinking the same thing as Zana, you should come down and visit next year! We are a fun bunch, not scary at all. Well, my husband Gary maybe just a tad.

I think we probably did have less duplicates this year. Though as you said, we haven't had many duplicates all along. We still end up with almost 100 different varieties each year.
I know a lot of people had weather problems. I'm vey lucky that I'm situated between the 2 lake effect cloud patterns. So unless it is a widespread weather pattern, often there's rain(or snow this time of year) to the north and south of me and clear skies above me. Of course in the hotter than hell year a couple years back, I was out side yelling at the clouds to come over my way!
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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