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I finally broke down and used the Victorio to process some Concord-type grapes. I had bought a grape spiral and was all set. I also put hubby in charge, in case I was assembling it wrong

We prepped the grapes and I cooked them first, since the Victorio seems to prefer things to be mushy. At first it was a cinch to feed a big bowlful of grapes through, then the difficulties began with some clogging. After clearing the blockage, hubby eventually put another big bowlful through before he had some major difficulty, so he didn't re-feed the skins and seeds.

He discovered that a small washer had disappeared (hopefully with the seeds). It's lack caused the handle to go in too far, and maybe also caused the handle to fall out frequently too. He has now obtained several spares.

We canned 15 jars of grape syrup

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