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Thank you to all the people posting here. It is valuable to hear your experiences.

28 degrees as a low for me tonight and tomorrow night. I stapled extra layers of plastic inside the ends of my greenhouse, around the doors. I also tacked up some strips of old carpet, about 4' wide, covering the area from the hip board to the base board, on part of the south side and most of the north. That area has always been a problem with air leaks. My roll-up sides never did work correctly. If I re-covered the greenhouse at this point, I would only have plastic over the top. The sides would be plywood or osb, that I could open and close like shutters.

I have about a thousand gallons or so of water in various troughs. I should have filled them up earlier in the day, though, to catch today's sun. I will probably go place a small electric heater out there late tonight. It's only 1500 watts, but might make a degree or two of difference.

edit: forecast changed. 25 the next two nights.

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