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My first ones were a bit bland. They just started to get pretty good... and now all this rain.

Also, to anyone in SE PA--late blight was confirmed on a small farm in Chester County recently, and now we're in for a stretch of cool, wet weather. I normally only use biologicals and maybe some organic copper in my garden, but I've sprayed Daconil once and will probably do so again tonight if we get a long enough lull in the rain for it to dry.

I've been researching, and chlorathonil (Daconil, Ortho Max) is a very good at LB prevention. Copper and biologicals are not that great when it comes to warding off LB.

As a side note, chlorathonil is awful at powdery and downy mildew control and prevention on cucurbits. I had some extra in the sprayer and sprayed a squash and melon plant suffering with these, and it made the problem dramatically worse overnight. I'll stick to copper and biologicals for those.
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