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Beans love the heat so I think Fortex should do great. I'm surprised I can grow beans at
all in my cool climate. For some reason small seed French fillets do best. Pole and bush.
Of course sugar snaps do really well loving the cool spring weather.

All beans seem to get very thirsty once flowering so daily water is needed but not
necessarily a deep watering like tomatoes.

Limka, new to me this year, is a Romano type. I always grow a few Romano varieties but
can get woody/chewy/dry and stringy some seasons so maybe Limka will be the answer.
No idea if they do well in the south.

Maybe Fortex is the SunGold of the pole beans...does well anywhere.

Kentucky Wonder does not do well at all up North. For me anyway. Stringy and no flavor.
Maybe needs to be boiled with a salty ham hock.

I like the French fillets raw or just a minute in a hot skillet. Butter/garlic chips.
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