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Last spring I planted summer squash in the middle of a 4' wide bed where there were carrots growing down the sides. But the carrots were sown Feb 14 and the squash weren't sown until early April. Unusually early for me to plant squash but it was an unusually warm winter and spring so I took a chance. By the time the squash were big enough to bother the carrots I was pulling carrots.

I just planted summer squash in a bed that has young scallions down one side and fall planted scallions going to seed (for collection) on the other side. I don't think there will be any conflict there.
Thanks! That's good to know...

Summer Squash in tomato cages.... now that's an interesting thought! Thanks for posting that. I might have to try that with one of them.
I'm just trying to think outside the box, and then when I googled it there were already others doing it. I'm going to grow 2 Summer and 2 Zuc's this year this way and see how it works out...

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