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Thanks for the replies.
What I'm doing now is fertilizing twice a week with TTF, soaking the roots, then once a week flushing with water. Does that sound about right? The plants are looking really good, and I've got tons of fruit, so I'm thinking (wrongly?) that they are getting enough. Just the big beef are acting weird. I have two big beef in containers and two in the ground. The ground plants are going crazy with fruit, growing tall, and look super healthy. I also have two Celebrity plants in containers that are very heavy with fruit and also very healthy.

I've never heard the term 'overproducing syndrome' before. Increasing the N in the feeding seems to have stimulated growth past the fruit load on the plant, so we'll see what happens. Plus, I've been picking some toms from these plants so that can be a factor in the growth, although I had the exact same problem the last two years even after all the fruit was picked.
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