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My brother tried taller cages that way last year and I'm not sure how well it worked. They were full width, so about 18" w/o overlapping one square. I think they got top heavy at 6+ feet. Without overlapping a square, CRW cages are not nearly as stiff.

I personally like the 11 or 12 square cages, overlapped 1 square and zip tied, making a stiff 18/20" cage. For taller, you could take another cage of the same diameter, cut that twice and get 2 18" extenders and 1 12" extender.

Four 5' cages worth of wire would give you three cages at 6-1/2', 6-1/2', and a 6'.

If you rip it lengthwise, 10 squares would become 4 squares across and 5 squares across, with the cutoff sticking out one side or the other or both. That would be a really small diameter, and they would not be overlapped.

I have some smaller cages from ends. The smallest I like are 8 squares, overlapped to 7. Any smaller than that, I leave them open and "stitch" the open front with twine.
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