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Originally Posted by Starla View Post
No. I got my hands slapped for trying to do that! They must ripen on the plant and drop, from what I was taught. Not like a tomato. If someone knows differently, I'd love to hear. I just remember what Grandma taught me and what I've read.

I think it best to do this. They are poisonous green. A member of the nightshade family, more toxins than tomatoes. Once ripe are safe. I doubt it would kill you, maybe we can have some volunteers to see how sick you get? I heard they keep on the counter if left intact. The very first berries are dropping for me. the main crop will be some time, but I did get a taste of Aunt Molly's. Much like a very sweet tomato, darn good! I see chocolate coatings on them in the near future!
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