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Charley, as I understand it, then, the objective is to make known the merits of a marvelous tomato named Texas Pink, a known variety wickedly renamed by an Atrisco resident? (That's partly a tongue-in-cheek remark -- while I don't think that known tomatoes should be renamed, one tomato with sixteen names seems to me to be a minor problem -- while apparently unrelated tomatoes sharing the same name -- like some of the Mortgage Lifters, for example -- I see as a more serious problem.)

But spreading the word about any great tomato is always a worthy quest -- best wishes for your success!

And Carolyn, I sympathize on the book-borrower problem. I also have a LOT of books -- thousands -- and I've taken to hiding any I'm not obviously reading in places from which I can exclude visitors because of people -- even relatives -- even relatives that I really like -- borrowing them and damaging and/or not returning them.

I had one, for example, that a visitor began reading while here, then wanted to take home to finish. I said that it was part of a set and was a book that would be hard to replace, but he really wanted it and promised that he would mail it back in a few days -- and it *was* a relative that I like -- so I agreed.

It took me two years to get the somewhat worn book back -- he'd lent it to other people, among other things -- and then I got it with a lot of complaints about what a nuisance it had been to get it returned.

So my books hide from visitors like so many unsocialized kittens, now. For reliable people I may bring one or more out -- but I try not to let any aggressive borrowers see books (or tools) to avoid problems with book retrieval and blood pressure.

My books aren't so much new ones I have lined up to read, as old books I value (and read) and would find difficult to replace. It doesn't really bother me if someone who does care for books borrows one and something unforeseen happens to it. I figure the purpose of books is to be read and accidents happen. What bothers me is that so many just don't value books, don't think that it is important to care for them or to return them promptly and feel ill-used if they are expected to do so. I've no objection if they feel that way about their own books, but when they have the same attitude toward books not their own . . .

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