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Originally Posted by travis View Post
I don't understand the low productivity from WildThyme lines as reported by Mark and Paddy. Mine all have been above average to highly productive. Must be my climate vs. their northern climates?

However, I greatly admire the improved looks of some of the outcrossed recombinations these two guys are getting from their WildThyme crosses. I hope the WildThyme parentage is providing enhanced flavors.
The WildThyme is DEFINITELY providing flavor enhancement. I've asked myself a few times this season "why havn't I crossed more stuff to Wildthyme GWR?". The low production is almost certainly climate related. You're a lot warmer than I am. However many of it's descendants have proved to be both early and productive.

Seriously though, if you're reading this, and you havn't grown Bill's Wildthyme GWR, you owe it to yourself. The taste is THAT good.

And if you'd like to play with any of my crosses displayed above, PM me, and I'll be happy to share seeds.
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