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Dawg, those cucumbers with the yellow spots look like squash bug stings. I had the same thing happen to some of my cucumbers and found a few squash bugs in them and sprayed with Permethrin and Dawn and no more problems for a good while. That spray also works for pickle worms but it won't affect the ones already inside the plant. I make sure to use that spray only late in the evening and it also seems to be when it is most effective. I wish I had bought the Stihl power fogger much earlier but since I got it I have found the fogging really is much more effective in getting pests like stinkbugs, leaf footed bugs, squash bugs, and pickle worms. The best thing is it only takes a few minutes to apply a good spray to everything. I can't wait to see if the liquid bacillus thuringiensis is as effective as the dipel dust because if it is it will be so much easier to apply with this fogger than cranking the duster till my arm is numb.

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