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Thanks, Carolyn!

In fact, we moved all the seeds (1,000-1,500 varieties), that is the largest private Turkish collection known to me, to Amy's office on the campus on a 4th floor before the fact, with a note addressing the person who would pick up everything in case something happened to us. This sounds very dramatic but it was a huge relief at a time when we were waiting fully clothed in bed, ready to leave in case we received an evacuation order.

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Mehmet, I'm so glad you didn't have the devastation as bad as others did since you save seeds from many rare varieties as many know.

No light for the plants?

I saw the sparkle in your eyes from pictures taken when you went to that SSE event in Decorah,IA, and that sparkle should be enough to keep them going for longer than 70 hours,especially if you sit in a chair and stare at them 24/7.

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