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Originally Posted by Zeedman View Post
Weather permitting, I hope to grow cucuzza (opo). It did incredibly well last year, in spite of a relatively cool summer... but it needs to be planted early to succeed here.

Two varieties of bitter melon. One is the Japanese variety Abashi, the other will be one of the two Chinese varieties I have been trying to de-hybridize. Both of the Chinese varieties have undergone several generations of selection, and are nearly stable.

Will probably grow Cyclanthera explodens this year, a close relative of Achocha. The small immature fruits are "edible", but rather tasteless. The main reason I grow it is as a novelty; the ripe fruits explode with the slightest touch, expelling the seeds violently. I have to wear goggles when harvesting seed.
I don't know why, as I can grow other gourds just fine, but Cucuzzi doesn't well here. Edible Snake does great here. I also like Tambuli gourds.
Spitting cucumbers! How cool! I saw them on t.v. before.
I saw Fig Leaved gourd seed in the Sand Hill Preservation Center. My mind is saying maybe...then where are you gonna put it!
I am also thinking about try Jewelry gourd seed again. But man, I tried that before. I found Q.F.G at Silver Dollar City during the craft show. Bought 2 or 3 pack of seed. Not 1 germinated. I craft the "spinners:
About your bitter melon. I am trying the Abashi because it is supposed to be a 'mild' bitter melon. My favorite was Green Skin though. I grow it every other year, even if I didn't eat the gourds, I'd for the vine and lovely little yellow flowers!
I read that you aren't supposed to eat it raw, do you know why not? (I do, cooked too)
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