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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
You've got rich soil, go to it!


It certainly looks decent. Just want to keep it that way. The more I explore Permaculture and Sustainable Gardening (which I have always had some interest in) I am realizing the gift that was right under my nose.

Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
That's an amazing pile! And free to boot. Geez, you sure fell into a good thing and your plants are gonna be happy, happy, happy.

I'm glad you were able to get started on this bed as I know it's been in the works for a while.

Me too. It just takes time.. And hopefully with going with a No Till/Deep Mulch/Back to Eden methodology, I can spend time expanding, without the worry that I am taking on too much to manage.

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
The worms will be happy.


I certainly hope so. Im no expert by any means, but this feels like I am going in the right direction.

Update Time!

This morning I went and got more Leaf Mulch..

A bit of an optical illusion but the plot is right about half covered. So im pleased with that. I really am not positive about tomorrow. I have to cut and bag salad mix, pick sugar snap peas, get the plants picked out and loaded up, and do some tomato pruning. If I have time, I need to sow more Roma II beans. So ill have to wait until the morning and make a decision as to whether or not to get more mulch.

Just sharing this photo. This is the area of the proposed Orchard that I have intentions of starting. I want to put in assorted fruit trees. Apple, Pear, Peach, etc. Based on past experience, ill go Dwarf or Semi Dwarf at the most.

The soil in this area is so soft, I might just completly forgo the leaf mulch. I plan to mow it down, then dump in wood mulch.
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