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So, this has not been my best year so far. Too many things going on I guess.

Did I mention I retired? Getting SS and Medicare set up plus all the other things (what's first on the honey-do list, what time of day should I take my nap, etc...).

I planned to start Carbon, Cherokee Chocolate and Mark Twain this year but didn't. So if anyone has any extra of those I could use one of each.

Here is what I have potted up:

Aker's West Virginia
Aunt Gertie's Gold
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Big Rainbow
Box Car Willie
Brandywine, Quisenbury
Dr. Carolyn
Italian Sweet
John Baer
Kellogg's Breakfast
Lillian's Yellow Heirloom
Lucky Cross
Marianna's Peace
Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie
Red Brandywine
San Marzano
Tidwell German
Tiffen Mennonite
Yellow Red Butt
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