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Originally Posted by coronabarb View Post
Conglom...hash n trash! Funny! Leftovers were never wasted at our home either.
Funny story. As a right of age passage each of us 4 kids growing up spent one full summer with our grandparents age 13. Our Grandparents then planned a special historical trip. For each of us it was different. Mine was a scenic trip up the Eastern seaboard and into Canada, visiting all the museums, landmarks, old battlefields etc.. anything of historic importance.

But back to the topic. One of my brothers on his trip was asked by my Grandmother if leftovers would be ok for dinner, since she wasn't wanting to cook.

My brothers reply was a classic that the family will never tire of telling at reunions.......

"What's a leftover?"

Truth is we never had leftovers. Mom could cook 4 chickens and not one piece would be leftover. 4 teenagers, 3 of them active boys all in one household insured we ate an insane amount of food. And if we really wanted to do it, we could double or triple that for any given meal. Combine that with the fact everyone in our family is a good cook..........

PS Don't get the wrong idea. We were thin but well fed. Our parents insured we had plenty of nutritious food and little to no snacks or junk food. Quite healthy actually. But we could seriously pack down the chow!

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