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I snapped a pic halfway through the morning as the sun came out:

Taxi is the yellow. There's a few Oranze in there. The red is mostly Gribovsky. The cherry mix is my Sungold, Sunlemon, Sunpeach, and Sun Chocola blend. There's a few Tiger-like and Helsing Junction Blues mixed in.

There was a daily vendor selling heirlooms next to me. They had them priced at $4/lb. The rest of the vendors selling tomatoes had them at $1.75/lb.. Mine are $3 for a 2 lb box. I walked over and told her I was her neighbor vendor and that her tomatoes looked nice. I asked her what varieties she was growing, and she couldn't tell me. I asked about the big red one, and she called it "an Amish something or other." The name Red Brandywine did not ring a bell with her, but I think that's what it is. She was really nice when I bought one. I doubt she realized I was buying it to save the seeds.
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