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Originally Posted by Ann123 View Post
I grew bottle gourds last year for the first time. I don't have a greenhouse (live in a cool climate) and had little hopes. But they did very well.
I will grow loofah this year. I hope it will set some fruit. I've heard of others that they did not harvest a single loofah, but I'll try anyway.
I like Bottle Gourds, they are easy to grow and dry nicely.

Start your luffa inside. It is pretty easy, just soak your seed in a cup until they sprout, then carefully transfer them to a large peat pot. Keep the seed and transplants warm, don't let them dry out. Plant them when you plant your Bottle Gourds. I hope that you get some Luffa. Don't be afraid to eat them while the gourd is still small and tender. It is wonderful. One of my favorite vegetables. Thanks for the reply!

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