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Well, this is whats growing but of course I have no idea what will be ready.

Tom's Yellow wonder
Cherokee Purple
Marianna's Peace
Brandywine Landis Valley Strain
Mexico Midget - I might bring the whole plant!! This thing is a production MONSTER.!! Yeesh Need to trim it next year. Countless toms.
Coustralee - As if it won't be there already-Lee
Purple Russian
KBX - if it ever gets its act together
Faux Toedebusch Pink - green maybe??
Grumpy F4
Tas. Choc F5? 6? I'll check later
Summertime Gold
Black Cherry
Heatherington Pink - probably a no-show
Opalka - very round one's. First one came out like the pictures but the rest are taking on some funny shapes
Anna Russian - these wil be lucky if I don't eat them before they get inside.

Hybrids - if they're allowed at the party. lol
Big Bite
Big Beef
Big Boy - maybe


Oh, and Craig, I'll bring some peppers from the Hot Pepper experiment if you like.
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