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Default Insect ID Sites

In case someone might find it useful, I'm reposting the following from a post I made in the Butterfly/Hummingbird section :

I have found a good insect ID site where you can select your state and see most of the insects in your area. It doesn't look like they are arranged in any particular order but it's fun to scroll through the pics. "Oh, I've seen that. So *that's* what that is!" Then once you ID it you can search online for that particular insect to find out more info. Here's the link. Scroll down to find the "By State" button.

If you're looking for butterflies and moths, there's a great site but the photo file is ginormous. They have a filter but you need the Family name to really narrow down the results. I like to look up the butterflies and moths on the "by state" site, get the family, genus and species name and then use that information on the butterflies and moths site to see a lot more photos to make sure it is what I think it is.
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