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I think they are both attractive plants, especially the Inca Berry. But my judgment is admittedly biased!

The Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry plant in the 6" pot is planted in Sunshine Natural & Organic Professional Growing Mix to which I added Sustane 4-6-4, bone meal and Azomite. I put a 1" layer of clean "Play Sand" on the top surface to discourage fungus gnats, so it's only the sand that shows in the picture.

On 2-20-2012 I planted my third and largest planting of Aunt Molly's - 288 seeds. Here's what they looked like three days ago at 22 days along - note the variation in size resulting from extended germination time:

Today, 25 days from seed sowing, I finished transplanting these up to 3.5" pots, using the blend mentioned. I got a surprising 88% germination and 14 trays full.

Guess I better start honing my marketing skills - and where am I going to put my tomato plants?!
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