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Thanks guys for the information.
I found one place that listed about 25 varieties that were edible leaves and all.

What I am looking for are plants I can grow as hibiscus does very well down here
In case some of you folks don’t know, Rose of Sharon is a hibiscus and from what
I have read it is on the edible list and grows way up north as well as down here.
I have read you can eat okra flowers as it is kin to hibiscus.

The warning I read most is that some plant retailers sell plants they call hibiscus but are not in the family.

(Hibiscus sabdariffa) is the variety most mentioned as the one to make tea from.

At this posting I have not found any member of the true mallow/hibiscus family that has a warning that it is poisonous.
It only states that you should consult a physician before using it as an herbal remedy.

More research is on the way as I see a gold mine with these flowers and their growing popularity with the so called hip/new age crowd.
I don’t care why or for what reason folks use this stuff I just like a good glass of tee.

Note; I eat rose flowers and hips right from the plant.
Sometimes people freak out when they see me pluck something from some strange plant and eat it.
They freak out more when I tell them not to mess with other plants because they will go on trip and they might not come back.

That’s why I am cautious about this hibiscus thing, you just never know from one plant to the next what will happen.

Thanks again.
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