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I'm a complete newb with grafting. I started my 2nd round of seeds this past weekend. I just finished one practice round with some texas wild cherry and brandywine seeds I had started in early December. It failed miserably. Not one of them took.

This next round I've got Supernatural and Sungold as rootstocks and a Black Krim and some others for scions. I'm hoping to be able to control the growth of one or the other by regulating the amount of light and/or temperature.

I'm using an aquarium 1/4 full of water with an aquarium heater to control the humidity and temperature. I float the plants on a piece of foam and cover the top.

What I can't figure out is when to start exposing the plants to light and when to start backing off on the humidity.

I sure hope I can get even just a few to take. I've been reading Delerium's threads and his methods look different from what I'm seeing at some of '.edu' tutorials I find. I think I might give the no roots grafting a try.


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