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Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
I mentioned starting a thread on grafting as several members will be grafting this and many for the first time, so this should be a thread where we all learn and hopefully improve our situations.

I started my first seeds last night:
15 Sweet Ozark Orange
15 Wes
15 Prudens Purple.

I plan to start more every 2 days and start my rootstock seeds (RST-04-106-T) after one more sowing of scions then continue staggering them until I'm out of rootstock. I plan to try some 3 variety grafts as well with the scions I dont use.

I used the varieties listed because 1. I have 100s of seeds and 2. They are some of my favs. I hope some other members jump in.
You really should try Donskoi. It is far more juicy than Wes and has a much more balanced flavor to me. I considered it a stingy producer until I started grafting but once I grafted it production increased tremendously. It has the flavor of some of the really good large pink or red beefsteaks with the added meat of a large heart. It is now the only heart I grow because of the flavor. I still get a few around 2 lbs each year but most are between a pound and a pound and a half until late in the season when they will get smaller. It also sets well in the heat.

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