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Originally Posted by Hntrss View Post
It looks like seed for Russian 117 may be hard to come by
Not if you go to Sandhill Preservation where Glenn lists it.

Here is the link to his webpage

If you don't know about Glenn,you should since his website is outstanding.He has a full time job as a high school teacher and how he manages to take care of all his heirloom birdies, I don't know.

This is not a shopping cart site or one with pictures,just dedication to preserving as many varieties as he can.

I happen to have the catalog where I checked about Rusian #117 but didn't check the catalog to be sure it's there as well and I get sent the catalogs every year since I send Glenn the best of my new tomato varieties,that's why.

If you look in the Seed and Plant forum here at Tville you'll also see how many love his offerings.

And while at the website you might want to look at some of the other 400 plus tomato varieties he offers, and no seeds sent are older than 2 years old,which is remarkable IMO. But he does hire some of his high school students to help out in the summer.

Lastly,please note when you can request seeds and how to do it, since it's only at certain times that you can do that.

Hope that helps,

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