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Default SO MANY VARIETIES, like a whole new universe of flavors

I have never grown peppers other that the same old bitter skinned bells from Bonnies or the far too hot cayenne, tabascos, etc..

Over the past week this ne endeavor has been like being exposed to a whole new world of pursuit in looking at the beautiful shapes...long ones, thick ones, large one, and super sweets and names that intrigue and promise news tastes and cooking abilities that I have never been exposed to from around the world.

With names like Elephant Ear, Calabrian, Sweet Corno de Toro, Rams Horn and others I can't even spell, never mind the gorgeous pictures of folks holding broad peppers, long ones, thick fleshed ones and promising sweetness and wonderful application in frying, sautéing, pickling , stuffing or just use in salads and fresh eating I am elated after years of just tomatoes.

Sorry, I know that's heresy, but I have flavors I want to experience in so little time. NOT the super hot and certainly not the scorchers, but those to make me proud and to be used daily.

SO, I turn to YOU..the good people here who know peppers. The catalogs are full of promises, but do you have any yourself hat you think I should add just as a couple of plants. What stands out in your experience and collection? Any three or four seeds to try new varieties would be appreciated. Will work with you per your preferences.
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