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Wow, I get to go 1st?! Good Lord, where to start? I get 5 or 6 seed catalogs, and I want to grow almost every pepper I see! But...I try to limit myself to about 15-20 varieties per year. I eat a lot of peppers, but the bulk of my production goes into what we call, downheah, "pepper sauce". I think most of y'all might call it "pepper vinegar", or just "pickled peppers". We eat the peppers themselves and pour the vinegar on turnip/collard/mustard greens, as well as peas and beans. I like HOT pepper sauce. My friends and family (read: "moochers who are too sorry to grow their own peppers") also like HOT pepper sauce.

Anyway, I grow so many varieties because I like to make very cool, colorful looking jars of pepper sauce. Hopefully, the picture will load....

My main core every year is plain ol' cayenne and jalapenos. Then I add in whatever looks cool to me. I only grow hot peppers. If it ain't hot, I got no use for it. The last couple of years, I've grown some "superhots", just 'cause.

This is the 2018 list:

Cayenne, Maule's Red Hot, Fireball
Mustard Habanero, Carolina Reaper
Golden Cayenne, Jalapeno
Fish Pepper, Purple Jalapeno
Rooster Spur, Fatalli, White Fatalli
Naga Peach, Fatalli/Scotch Bonnet Cross
Big Chile Hybrid, Red Habanero

See anything that interests you? I've probably got a few seeds from most listed that I would be happy to share. Peppers, like tomatoes, are almost unlimited in their diversity. Have Fun!
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