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The last few years I have been trying to find peppers that are on the mild/sweet side, but have more flavor than your store bought bell peppers, with a little heat in some cases.
Ones that I have tried that we have liked, and had good luck with growing, have been the ‘giant’ red Marconi type, one called Ajvarski (sweet, bull horn type), sweet Banana pepper, Alma Paprika and a C. Baccatum called Christmas Bell.
The last Christmas Bell that we had put out a ton of peppers, late season like most of these, but it kept pumping them out for a while which gave us enough to dry and freeze for later use. And everyone liked the taste. It may be a little different than other ones called Christmas Bells, as it’s a little rounder pepper with less of that “crown” shape.
The Red Marconi’s were really good in salads as well as cooking. I like the Ajvarski as far as overall flavor.
This year I have sprouted or purchased seedlings for some of the mild Habanero style. I am trying Grenada Seasoning, Frontera, Aji Dulce II, Habanada and Zavory.
Also trying Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper, Arroz Con Pollo and Sheepnose Pimento. And an F1 called ‘Mad Hatter’.

Let me know if I can help. Good Luck with your search!
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