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there is a pumpkin screen and a grape screen for my victorio. not sure if the newer versions have them though. they have larger holes in the screens for the pulp to come through, but if you like multi use gadgets.. get a steamer juicer pan for making your grape juice. it is far easier than using the victorio and cranking it through. the pan is a 4 part pan. a lid a pan that has a seived ? bottom that holds a peck of fruit, a collector pan with a hose and spigot attached and the bottom pan holds the water to make the stem. you place your fruit in the top part fill the bottom with the water put the collector pan on and place the fruit on next put on the lid turn the burner on low/med and let the steam go to work. as the juice is expressed it collects in the middle pan and can be bottled directly from the pan (into hot from the oven jars and simmering lids) not boiling water bath to do. I usually do at least two bushels of grapes into juice with my pan.
and you can make the grape jelly as well from this juice.
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