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I did some reading about these beans and it said they were "extremely"photosensitive.
You said they were in your thread starter but I didn't know just how much.
Here is what I think was going on looking at where they are from.
The sun is only up for the most 13 hours and 24 minutes.
The darkness is around 10 hours for most of the year.
In your area you dont get to that 10 hours of darkness till November.
This darkness is what triggers the blooming.
I have read about several plants that simply will not bloom if there is any interruption to that darkness during the dark period.
This could come from a street light or even an outside light being turned on.
Three plants I know of that will not bloom if there is an interruption in the dark period or not enough darkness are wild marijuana from Columbia and the equator, the jade plant and poinsettia.
Any flash of light will stop them from blooming.
There has been people try to grow the Colombian outside only to never have it bloom due to this.
Some people put a cover over it to make it bloom.
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