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Yeah, that was a lot of green, amazing that all came from one bean plant. The leaves were lush, and no signs of disease or bugs. Too bad I don't have any animals to feed it to - I hear it makes good fodder.

Wow. Thanks. You were able to find more specific information than me. My sources only said that it was photo-period sensitive, I couldn't find the magic number of hours.

I grow other photo-period sensitive plants like chayote and oca, and they flower or tuberize at or just after the fall equinox (although I have also seen limited flowering on my chayote at the spring equinox too). I'm lucky that we don't get frost and I can afford to wait. Normally I would have waited to see what this one would do, but it's growth seemed to be accelerating, and it was starting to cause problems with nearby plants. I have a couple places in the front yard where I can let a few plants go crazy next year. Based on their size I probably only need a few plants to get a good-sized harvest. LOL

Poinsettia country is just 20 minutes up the road from me. I remember when I heard about the darkness requirement years ago, and how they would go to great lengths to induce flowering at just the right time for the holidays. Interesting stuff.

If I'm going to water and care for a plant it had better give me food, flowers or shade.
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