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I transplanted two Porter seedlings with two sets of true leaves into 4 inch pots today giving me a total of 4 Porter plant seedlings that some would plant out soon in 100 degree heat? (Probably not huh?) Well, that's actually going to happen later in this hottest month in Texas.

Tomato plants can adapt when started in the right conditions during the hottest part of the year. I have done that in diseased soil directly in the sun. I feel that I have some experience, but won't guarantee it in containers. It's something to see if it's possible. I'm also going to try to grow summer squash in the fall - why not try?


On a side note, here it is August and there are still tomato plants I water daily that were planted in spring. I've changed from the 36-24-36 (Joking) mix to just watering them, and they still look good. At this point, watering them is just to keep them alive. The pepper plants are still flowering and producing.

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