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Although I haven't used canning jar lids made for water bath canning during the ferment, I have noticed that when using distilled white vinegar, instead of needing to burp the jars, it creates a vacuum. My hypothesis there is that acetic acid bacteria attracted to the vinegar use up the air (but I could be wrong about the reason). I'm not sure if the same thing happens in other people's houses (let me know if you try a vinegar ferment, how much you do or don't need to burp the jar).

There are various bacteria that ferment stuff, and not all of them produce the same amount of gas. Also, quite importantly, if you add a high enough amount of vinegar, there is no fermentation. Hence no gas produced. The vacuum effect is usually just due to a change in temperature. If you put the water warm, and then close the lid, when it's cold it will be vacuumed.

From all the common fermented pickles, the unripe tomato one usually keeps the most, easy 2-3 years if undisturbed. Most probably due to more sugar in tomatoes, hence a higher acidity of the final product.

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