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Default New Property, New Garden

New property, new garden

At the end of September my wife and I closed on 3 1/2 acres a little east of where we are now. We will be building a home and should be moving in around June or July. So now I have been thinking of the new property and what I should do. I think I would like to stick with no till. I would like it to be several small gardens spread out rather than one big one. The soil already seems to be better than I already too. Next year I don't plan on having a huge garden but working towards it every year. I was thinking maybe a few hugelkultur beds. Any other thoughts?

I am also starting to think about fruit trees too. I want to have a Pawpaw, apple, peach and maybe a cherry tree. A couple of each. When is the best time to plant them? Also any specific varieties a should look for?
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