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I am curious as to why lateral growth is desirable.
Hi Salsacharley,
I never said it was desirable or not. The first post of this thread explains why I started this topic.....

I wrote: "First attempt to take pictorial evidence of potatoes varieties with potential of setting potatoes along the main stem and sending stolons away from it's original base. My motivation is no other that "Just because" I do see potential that this sort of information will benefit many more people that have curiosity and better themselves at this wonderful hobby of growing delicious food that are not available to the masses or your typical supermarket varieties."

= It would seem that more production per square foot would be more desireable. If a plant can produce 6 or more pounds of potatoes but takes up twice the space to do so, why not just go for the same production in half the space?
Agree. If yield is the most important, then of course.

I also like to maximize my growing space. I have many varieties that grow close to the base. Those are planted closer together. Some are non-commercial available.

But there are many other potatoes that their flavor is superb and I want to grow it too.
Some of those unique potatoes have different growth habits, some have potential to grow lateral and sprawl and give me potatoes during a longer time by setting potatoes at different times, some of this plants even emerge few feet from the 'original' spot and produce a secondary "potentially" a person can get more yield on the longer run. Of course this takes space.....And there are some could potentially grow in potato towers.
Some of them I started from Open pollinated True Potato seeds. (different topic alltogether)

My main interest is to gather information and pictures so it benefits people growing this non common types to learn from each other experiences.
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