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Originally Posted by danielnc84 View Post
... is there anything i can do to get this plant to try to breed true? I dont mind this process taking 5 to 10 seasons of growing to get my desired results which is a decent sized 3 pounds plus sized tomato. any thoughts or help would be appreciated!
Yes, save seeds from your F1 tomatoes, and plant out 10 or more F2 Big Zacs next year.

Also plant a couple of F1 Big Zacs next year as well.

Compare your F2 plants and fruit to the F1 plants and fruit.

Select the closest replication from among the F2 plants, and back cross using pollen from the F1 plants.

Save seeds from the back crossed fruit and repeat the process the following year.

When you find plants and fruit among the F2s from this continued process that resemble the F1 plants as closely as you wish, then save the seeds from those closest replications and go on from there.
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