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Thanks, Carolyn! You mean I get to 'pet' my plants too? The cats are already jealous of the baby-talk they get. (Well, it's not really baby-talk, more like Sunday-school-teacher brightness.) I had not been too timid about gently brushing the stuck ones, but am now being sure to brush all of them. Gave a good look today on my lunchtime stop at home, and they don't look too spindly. I think the Red Currant variety is just more delicate than the others... it is the thinnest with the smallest leaves. Don't show that anyone here has grown them (at least by mention, saw some White Currant mentioned.) Chocolate Cherry and Mexico Midget are both starting to show the start of their first true leaves. The Wins All has been the most varied - I have seedlings in the same cup (same cup material/size, same grow medium) which look like they are days apart in maturity.

I planted more seeds yesterday, but a tiny amount of each... the paste varieties I just got from Heritage, and Lollipop and Jaune Flammée, interest in which was prompted from mentions in the 2013 cherry discussion here, and then seeing pics on Tatiana's TomatoBase. I was going to wait till next year to plant more, but realize that if I have some early failures, with the Florida winter I may have a second chance before it gets too hot. Going to try them in containers, in case I have to move them in event of a freeze warning.
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