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I sent in seeds from these plants:

1. TIGRETTE (bagged): indet., orange, with stripes on elongated fruits. Plant looks exactly as green tiger and taste is identic (sweet, superb flovor), but production was higher for me. I got them from this site:
2. HOHLOMA (bagged and non bagged): indet. roma tomato. I am not sure how it is written. Have seen: hochloma, hohloma, khokhloma.
3. REVEREND MICHAEL KEYES (bagged): indet., multiflora (but less productive than rose quartz), red, plum cherry.
4. SNOW WHITE (bagged): indet., white cherry.
5. GREEN GRAPE (bagged): bush, sweet green when ripe cherry.
6. AURANTIACUM (bagged): indet., multiflora, yellow cherry.
7. PICCOLO F7 (bagged): indet., red cherry. Piccolo is a hybrid sold under the same 'Honingtomaat' in Belgium/Holland/Germany. F7, I suppose it is stable by now. Very tasty: sweet but stiff skin.
8. ROSE QUARTZ MULTIFLORA (bagged): indet., multiflora, pink cherry.

1. MIX BIQUINHO AND BIQUINHO IRACEMA (not bagged): capsicum chinense, hardly any heat.
2. LIPSTICK (not bagged): capsicum annuum
3. MINI BELL YELLOW (not bagged): capsicum annuum
4. KABOUTERMUTSENPAPRIKA (not bagged): capsicum annuum. sweet red 'gnome hat' pepper. Pic:
5. NUMEX SUAVE ORANGE (I mistakingly wrote 'yellow') (not bagged): capsicum chinense, hardly any heat.
6. OPHELIA (not bagged): capsicum annuum, orange, sweet snack pepper. Produces lots of small peppers. My favorite: very sweet and prolific in our cool climat. Pics:


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