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Originally Posted by doublehelix View Post
I doubt that it has any resistance and you should probably look at something else. I would have a soil test done to confirm that it is Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum).

If it is, then you might want to go to a hybrid cucumber with resistance. I am not familiar enough with cucumbers to suggest one, but there is a thread here at Tomatoville on BW resistant cucumbers.


Thanks, Steve. I could be wrong as I'm pretty new at this, but I had a lot of cucumber beetles and the plants' demise (cukes, squash and muskmelons) looked like the descriptions of bacterial wilt. Definitely due for some soil tests though.

Ah well, this would have made my Turkish husband happy. I did buy some supposedly resistant hybrids and guess I should stick with those this year.
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