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Originally Posted by tnpeppers View Post
Has anyone heard from Steve at Double Helix? There is a notation at his website stating that it would be down for a few weeks while he dealt with some 'health issues'; but that notation has been there for several months.
I saw that myself recently, but it said down for maintenance just a couple of days ago when I accessed it.

If health issues I can understand, b'c he's been fighting, and I mean fighting, two infectious diseases that he acquired where he lives, maybe two years ago at least.

Last I heard from Steve was maybe about two months ago when he sent me a box of those wonderful small cherry tomatoes that he'd been working with and asked which ones I liked the best and I posted that somewhere here.

I can e-mail him, but he doesn't always get back to me quickly, that I also know, but I'll try. I think I also have his phone number somewhere as well.

I just checked and he last visited on Aug 13th, 2013.

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