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Would be nice if there was a website or something where you can look up a variety and know what leaf it's suppose to be. At least if it turns out the opposite you can know you may not have the correct seeds.


Ron, there's no way there can be one site b'c there are probably 3 to 4,000 tomato varieties offered at different seed sources just here in the US.

My suggestion is to go to those websites that have a track record of having correct information, And that would include TGS and Sandhill Preservation and Victory Seeds and SSE and Heirloom tomatoes in PA ( for the most part), and there are more.

Or you can start by Googling which usually works well.

The best way I think is to become an SSE member and get the annual Yearbook which is a treasure house of variety information. Even if you don'tlist varieties, which you don't have to, your membership monies go to support SSE preservation activities.

YOu said above that the non-heirlooms were not Brandywines but I don't think that's exactly right. Each one of them first appeared as an F1 hybrid from natural cross pollination, except for Marizol Bratka which was deliberately crossed.

So each of the hybrids had 1/2 Brandywine genes in it and as selections were made there's no doubt that there were quite a few Brandywine genes that were passed on during the segregation of the hybrid.

I'm curious. Where are you seeing PL Wins All being offered? For that is truly wrong.

BTW, it's OTV, not OTC Brandywine and I did get a good chuckle from that thinking it was over the counter.
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