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Originally Posted by Hellmanns View Post
If you are going to make it in this business, you have to grow what the customers want. I started the same way trying to force my beliefs on others. It didn't work, never will. I regrouped then moved on to profit.

So true.
I had to tell this to a gun shop owner to help him out, but by the time he realized it it was too late.
Black plastic with high cap magazines at a cheap price nobody wants John Wayne cowboy guns.
If I were going to sell tomatoes here I would sell red and pink round tomatoes.

Just go to a grocery store and look at what people are buying.
For the most part they are buying medium sized red round tomatoes.
Latinos are buying the Roma tomatoes.
If you go into Austin where the Neo Hippies live it is different.
Tomatoes are perishable they have to move or you lose.
Or you can take them home make salsa go back next week and sell that.
But if it isn't red people wont buy it.
Happy Fermenting.
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