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AMAZING! I can say without a doubt I would travel for it next year. I really really loved meeting everyone. It is more then just knowing them from the forum, I can't explain it. True garden friends
A. It felt good to actually meet and talk tomato without fear that someone thinks you have gone off your meds. I loved visiting with Everyone. Suze's should of been the tomato queen (the lady knows tomatoes)! Morgan is a delight and was taking on the tomatoes like Julia Child took on wine . (Carolyn you would be proud)! Craig and his Wife are more lovely in person. Craig looks much younger in person then his photos. I was scared to even try to butcher his name, I waited for someone else to ask him how to say it LOL I also met Tim but did not have a chance to visit like I wanted (darn kids) Lee was very nice and helpful he did a great job! Mischka-? Mischka well he was back at the Hotel darn it, but the real Craig showed...I just kept laughing as I had an imagine of what I "thought" he looked like and then the Reality! Handsome, nice and funny guy! With a New York accent!
B. Tomatoes- WOW summertime everything was delish. Standouts Summertime Green and Summertime gold (yellow)
C. The Farm. I hope more pics go up. Beautiful. Landscaped simple but ornate I loved it. Ornamental vegetable garden. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Edited to add: I did not know I had met Shelleybean LOL I thought she as a "taster" Martha Your sorbet was a HUGE hit and everyone loved it. FANTASTIC
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