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Default what can I grow now and questions about planting dates

I relocated from northern Michigan to central Florida; I live in Brooksville, which is about an hour from Tampa, and the growing zone here is 9a.

Below is a list from a planting chart I found for Florida; here is the site I found it at...

Arugula Sept-March

Beans (pole/bush) Feb-Apr; Aug-Sept

Lima Beans Feb-March; Aug-Sept

Beets Sept-Feb; Broccoli Sep-Feb; Brussels Sprouts Sept-Feb; Cabbage, Sept-Feb

Cantaloupe Jan-Mar

Carrots Aug-Mar

Cauliflower Sept-Feb

Celery Sept-March

Chinese Cabbage Sept-Apr

Collards Sept-Feb

Corn Jan-Apr

Cucumber Jan-Mar; Sept

Eggplant Jan-Feb; Aug-Sept

Endive/Escarole Aug-Feb

Kale Sept-Feb

Kohlrabi Oct-Mar

Lettuce Sept-Feb; Mustard Greens Sept-Feb

Okra Feb-Aug

Onions, Bulbing Oct; Onions bunching (scallions and shallots)

Peas, English/Snow Nov-Feb

Peas, Southern Feb-Aug

Peppers Jan-Mar; Aug-Sept

Potatoes, Irish Nov-Feb

Potatoes, Sweet Feb-Jun

Pumpkin Mid-July

Radish Sept-Mar

Spinach Sept-Mar

Summer Squash Jan-Apr; Aug-Sept

Winter Squash Jan-Apr; Aug-Sept

Chard Sept-May

Tomatoes Jan-Feb; Aug-Sept

Turnips Sept-Feb

Watermelon Jan-Mar

Are the planting guidelines for the 'chart' (for lack of a better term) that I typed accurate? I am new to gardening Florida, so I don't know how accurate the chart is.I have no experience gardening in FL, and the planting times with FL are completely opposite of that in Michigan; as a result the chart is my only guideline with planting times in FL right now.

I also have a question regarding the planting times. Pepper plants as an example; it says to plant them Jan-March. Now does this mean the latest they can be planted is the beginning of march.

Or, does this mean I can plant them at any point during March, or do they have to basically be in the ground at the very start of March? This question would apply to any of the vegetables listed that have the same planting times listed in the chart. It would also apply to any vegetables that don't have the Jan-Mar. planting dates (i.e. squash says Jan-Apr.; again does that mean they can be grown at any point thru April or do they have to planted at the very start of April).

I also would like to know what are the best things to plant right now for FL. (i.e. what I can plant that will do well and I can get a decent harvest from).

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